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Although the pediatric population is prone to multiple cutaneous diseases and conditions, superficial microbial infections, including tinea1 and bacterial infections,2 are among the most common and account for a significant proportion of dermatology and pediatric clinic visits. Another common pediatric skin condition, atopic dermatitis (AD) affects up to 20 percent of children (and up to three percent of adults in developed countries).3 Each of these conditions as a standalone presentation can represent a management challenge for dermatologists and their patients. When AD is complicated by a concomitant superficial microbial (bacterial or fungal) skin infection, management can become a more significant challenge. The use of an antimicrobial emollient formulation (Aloquin™, marketed by Ferndale Laboratories) may be an effective option to manage mildly infected AD and as a maintenance therapy to prevent infection or re-infection.

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